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-   Tualang Tree  -

The tualang tree is scientifically named “Koompassia excelsa”, and is also known as Tapang, or Mengaris.

It is found not only in Malaysia but also in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand.

It is one of the tallest tropical tree species: the tallest measured specimen is of 88 m (289 ft) tall.

The tualang grows in lowland rainforests, and like most tall rainforest trees, it has huge buttress roots, necessary to support its weight. The roots widely spread at the surface, not very deeply, because in the rainforest, the nutrients are more at the surface. 

Tualangs have branches above the canopy (around 30 m or 100 ft) and have slippery trunks.

The giant bees Apis Dorsata like these kind of trees a lot, because they can build their nests very high on them, out of the reach of animals and humans. A synergy is created there, the trees offer the bees a home and the bees protect the trees from the loggers. How? To humans, the honey they create is more valuable than the timber the tree can offer. In one of Malaysia’ states only naturally felled trees (due to storms) are used for timber.

The honeycombs can be up to 6 feet across, and the nest can contain up to 30,000 bees. On one tualang tree there can be more than 100 nest. It will mean almost 450 kg (about 1000 pounds) of honey.

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