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Wesley’s Tropical Wild Honey – Premium Tualang

Wesley’s Tropical Wild Honey – Premium Tualang is 100% raw, natural and unprocessed honey. It’s harvested by Giant Rock Bees (Apis dorsata laboriosa), the world biggest bee species from the tropical rain forest in Peninsular Malaysia.

Premium Tualang is collected from the combs of Giant Rock Bees which build their hives high up in the Tualang tree. Tualang tree is the Malaysia’s tallest tree which grows to an astonishing height of more than 250 metres. Thus, the process of harvesting Tualang honey is a highly dangerous task. It’s also one of the rarest honey in the world.

Many researches and studies proven that Tualang honey has been identified as the purest form honey, and it has various benefits to human body. It’s also one of the best in the clinical research of honey.

The 4 main components of Premium Tualang

  1. Anti-oxidant

  2. Anti-inflammatory

  3. Anti-bacterial

  4. Anti-viral

Benefits of Premium Tualang:

  • Enhance immune system, to reduce the chances of affected by viral

  • Energy booster, preventing fatigue and provide strength to the body

  • Relieve for inflammatory, such as sore throat, rhinitis, and stomatitis

  • Suppressing and relieving cough and flu due to cold

  • Anti-oxidant, to beautify the skin and enhance anti-aging effect

  • Studies and researches proven that it has ability to reduced the risks of cancer

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